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Keith Chesnut

Keith has been a gun enthusiast for over 50 years and a hobby gunsmith for most of that time. He is a Federal Firearms License Holder and active Gunsmith.

His experience and love of teaching lead to the logical next step as a firearms Instructor. He is a Nevada CCW Instructor, Utah CFP Instructor, California CCW Instructor, NRA Instructor for Basic Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home and Range Safety Officer. He is an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. He is also a USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Instructor.

As a professional educator and Instructor Trainer in several areas outside of firearms, his expertise in curriculum design, education techniques and educational materials is evident in the CCW training and NRA courses that Concealed Carry Nevada offers.

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What our students are saying about their training with Concealed Carry Nevada:


"Thank you for a very detailed, interesting and educational CCW training course. Being a retired WA police officer I still found the course to be very useful and informative on Nevada CCW laws for civilians and a great refresher and reminder on gun safety. I learned a lot of new important details too. So thank you for presenting a top notch class today."



Just wanted to thank you for the fine CCW class you taught Friday. I have had previous instructors teach me firearm skills and instruction, but none that compares to your knowledge and presentation of subject matter. You know what you're talking about and your teaching method was interesting and not boring!"